Tubeless sealant


Tubeless Sealant Repair the puncture INSTANTLY BR tubeless sealant BR Tubeless Sealant is especially for high tire pressure. The latex and carbon fiber repair the puncture rapidly. The sealant has been tested in accordance with the SVCH principles under the REACH Regulation. [...]

Tubeless valve


Tubeless Valve LIGHTEST with BETTER PERFORMANCE TL-FVR Full CNC alloy valve stem. All different colors available for your needs. Lighter & Stronger REMOVABLE Round Conical rubber Improved air retention and inflating efficiency TL-FVH [...]

Tubeless tape


Tubeless Tape PERFECT STIFFNESS, WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO INSTALL EASILY Tubeless tape Designed to conform to the center channel and bead locking rim bed, our tubeless tape creates an air-tight seal between the tire and rim bed. Tape comes in all different  widths and [...]

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