Tubeless – sealant, valves and tapes

Tubeless   •   June, 2020

Tubeless was an important topic for us, while tires do not have an inner tube and seal directly to the rim. Tubeless tires have some advantages over conventional tires, such as better puncture resistance, lower rolling resistance, and more comfort and control. 🚲

Tubeless valves

Why tubeless valve is important. How to make sure the air wasn’t leaking from valve area was the topic.  We want to make sure you enjoy the tubeless by using our patented system.

Tubeless sealant

The rapid seal sealant. With our own mixer and ingredients, the sealant provide great sealing efficiency and you’re going to have your bike working well you have the puncture.

Tubeless tapes

Stronger and easier to clean is our key. Still you will have the great air retention but we’re trying to let you work with our tapes easier.