Tubeless sealant

RW products   •   July 18th, 2023

Choosing the best sealant for your bicycle tubeless setup can greatly impact your riding experience and overall performance

Instant seal

Look for a sealant with a proven track record of effectively sealing punctures quickly?

Check our video and you’ll see how it works.

RW sealant

  • ECO-Friendly

  • REACH Regulation

  • Max tire pressure up to 100 ~ 130 PSI

You can find in the video, while the tire puncture, our sealant seal it rapidly.

And the PSI reduced from 100 to 99!

Easy to clean

It is so important that it’s not difficult for you to clean and replace the new tubeless tape and sealant.

Great sealing performance

With a lot of tests on the road, RW sealant provide the rapid seal, easy to clean and workable in the temperature from -30~80 degree C

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