Thruaxle – removable lever compitable

RW new products   •   July 3, 2023

Thruaxle with removable lever.

A thru-axle is a type of wheel attachment system that uses a large diameter axle that threads into the frame and fork of a bike. It is more secure than traditional quick-release skewers and provides better stiffness and stability to the wheel.

In addition to that

How we can try to provide something more? Normally you need to have the tool to assemble or dis-assemble the thru-axle. But a removable lever can help to tighten and loosen the axle while you don’t have the tools on hand. The patented RW thruaxle and the PushLever could be a solution for you, while you NEED it. Enjoy.

  • M12 x P1.0 / P1.5 / P1.75

  • M15 x P1.5 / P1.75

  • Custom axle head design which is compatible with RW removable lever

New concept

With the new concept we have, it will be a totally new experience for you.

→ Thru axle lever

→ Thru axle