The project of complete bicycles

Realworx Custom project   •   July, 2023

Thanks to the trust from our customer. Even though we’ve lots of experience in the complete bicycle, but we start our journey from the development of bicycle components. But we’re happy to support our customers as much as we can, that’s why now we can share this gravel bicycle project for Europe.

Define and make it happen

Before starting a bicycle project, we need to discuss and determine the project’s goals, scope, timeline, and budget. It’s been a long procedure that we define the need, discuss the time line and target, and then the budget for the bikes. After all these been clarified, then it’s again another long procedure of trying to collect all different portions together.

How we manage it?

  • Determine the project goals and scope

  • Develop a timeline and budget

  • Identify risks and issues

  • Develop a plan and assign tasks

    Specs, product development, testing, delivery review, costs, test assembling, samples, quality control, delivery…etc

  • Monitor and control project progress

  • Evaluate and manage risks

  • Ensure quality and test the product

  • Ensure project delivery

A lot of challenges in between but happy that we finally make it on time.

A great team effort and thanks for all the support.